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The BaleSkiis baler liner covers the bale-forming chamber with a specially designed, self-adjusting material. An anti-spring back pattern machined into the product uniformly compresses the hay and keeps it compressed when the baler plunger retracts. This ensures a constant uniform movement and compression of hay through the chamber. This means that the hay is not moving back and forth in the chamber, breaking leaves off stems.

Tests conducted by the Canadian-based Alberta Farming Research Centre showed a 30% reduction in leaf loss!


The BaleSkiis bale liner stabilizes friction which results in:

» Reducing the amount of tension in your bale chamber.

» Reducing horsepower and fuel consumption.

» Reducing knotter problems.

» Reducing wear, break downs, and down time.


The BaleSkiis bale liner makes uniform bales in weight, length, and density so:

» Your accumulators work even more efficiently.

» Transporting and mechanical loading times and costs are reduced.

» It's easier to use less experienced labour to operate your equipment.


This all adds up to a cost saving that eliminates frustration and increases your haying profits!






We all know there is only a small window to bale quality hay.

The BaleSkiis kept the material being pressed at a consistent length as conditions changed. This is a great thing when using our small bale accumulator, as bale length is critical.

We also had a lot less knotter issues and this meant more time in the seat to take advantage of that little window.


» Using BaleSkiis in my small square baler reduced knotter issues and gave me a perfectly consistent bale length.

» When I pull into a paddock I set the bale length and forget all about it, even as the conditions change.

» My BaleSkiis paid for themselves in the first night. I had less down time and more production time.

» Our baler seemed to operate smoother using BaleSkiis.




Prime lamb producer and finishing system

Mt. Cole Creek, Vic.




We wish to thank you for supplying us with information on BaleSkiis and for obtaining the products in the correct fit for our situation. The prices quoted were the same as those invoiced when the product arrived at our workshop. Some advantages we've discovered are:


» Less fuel consumption and smoother operation of the baler.

» Easier on the baler driveline, all due to less friction.

» No gum/trash build-up in the chamber with lower corners.

» Don't have to remove bales and clean chamber out.

» Ease of bale removal when required to eject from chamber.

» Improved knotter performance due to reduced bale kick back.

» Still good density produced.


We are delighted with the BaleSkiis performance in our large square baler. They exceed our expectations; we would certainly do the same again in future balers.




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Narromine, NSW