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Since 1987, B&D Rollers of Minnesota, Inc. has been providing quality rubber rollers to all industries, from agricultural and woodworking to the food industry and specialized firms.


The Crusher is B&D Rollers' number one product. In 2006, they developed The Crusher hay conditioning rollers. Over the years through many different field tests, consulting with farmers, and continuous research and development, they perfected The Crusher. This innovative piece of equipment completely flattens the stem with minimal leaf loss, thus retaining the nutrients in the plant for a higher RFV (Relative Feed Value). These rollers truly are the ultimate in cutting down your hay and forage drying time!


By compressing alfalfa stems completely, The Crusher conditioning rollers help retain more leaves, significantly decrease dry-down time, and provide better nutritional value. Your chances of beating a rain shower are greatly improved. Balanced and trued to 1,500 RPMs, The Crusher conditioning rollers operate without vibration. These rollers run in any style mower conditioner. B&D Rollers make new rollers for most makes and models. Thousands of these sets are in operation throughout North America and Australia. In side-by-side tests, these rollers have produced faster dry-down than comparable mower conditioners with factory-installed rollers.