Steffen Systems





Tenpack is proud to share its full range of specialized hay handling and hay making equipment that has the potential to revolutionize any haying operation. Brand names that are synonymous in the industry like SteffenSystems, BaleSkiis, Mil-Stak, and The Crusher are all sold and serviced by Tenpack. No matter what size hay business you are involved in, chances are Tenpack has a product to help you become more efficient and bolster your profits enabling you to grow your business without the usual headaches associated with hay or hay making. Please take the time to see the way of the future in haying - oh and you can leave a comment if you like.



Tenpack grabs come in many sizes such as the popular 10, 15, and 20 bale models. We can also custom build to your needs.



At Steffen Systems, all of our products are designed and constructed to outlast any competing products.



The BaleSkiisĀ® baler liner was developed to eliminate the problems associated with all sizes of square balers.



Mil-Stak allows you to single-handedly load and stack up to 120 large bales per hour from the comfort of your tractor cab.



The Crusher is an innovative piece of equipment, which completely flattens the stem with minimal leaf loss.