Steffen Systems





Tenpack P/L is a wholly Australian owned and managed company whose director has had a lifetimes experience in the small bale business. As a third generation small bale hay producer, Tim Bickley knows first hand what is expected in the industry and the difficulties farmers face in managing production. Frustrated with the restrictions placed on production by the physical handling required, Tim knew there had to be a better way. In 1988 he started investigating and researching to find a more efficient and safer method to handle large numbers of small bales. Steffen Systems Hay Handling Equipment provided the perfect solution with its steadfast and time honoured machinery. In the late 1990’s the first two machines went to work in Australia on the family business, Bickley’s Farms P/L, baling hay and straw. From the moment the first fully automatically stacked pack of ten bales were loaded on to one of their trucks, free of any physical labour, it was immediately evident how profitable these machines are by saving both time and effort.


Currently Tenpack has machines and equipment operating right across Australia. Steffen machines are also successfully performing across the USA, Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, England, Greece, Sweden, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and the United Arab Emirates. The widespread popularity of the product reflects its technical and hard wearing superiority as an asset to any sized operation.



Bickley Farms is a family-run, broad-acre farm consisting of both dry land and irrigation. The dry land consists of a rotational cropping program, which sees wheat, canola, and oats produced annually. The irrigation consists predominantly of lucerne (alfalfa) for hay production in various sized bales. Wheat, canola, and oats also provide rotations in the irrigation sequence every four to five years. The irrigation is serviced by two groundwater bores (wells), which yield extremely high quality water through a flooding method using irrigation bays.


This combination of farming practice gives an excellent platform to demonstrate, operate, and research hay-related equipment on a first-hand, real-time, practical application. Over the past 25 years, we have field tested Steffen Systems and BaleSkiis, and more recently, Mil-Stak and Crusher Rollers. The durability of these products to withstand Australian conditions has exceeded expectations across the board. Not every product makes it through this testing process; only the very best are promoted into the Australian market by Tenpack.


Bickley Farms has a reputation for supplying the end user with premium quality, high grade hay. We value our customers' satisfaction as the number one priority. By using Tenpack's range of innovative equipment for making the very best hay we can ensure this is the reality for our customers.